Liquipel may waterproof Galaxy S III and iPhone 5

It seems that the new Galaxy S III will be not only smart and gorgeous, but also dumbproof, I beg your pardon: waterproof. I have friends who thought that a bath won’t hurt to their new Android phones, but guess what: clean is not always better. Now, these friends of mine can even take pictures under water, since the Liquipel coating makes their baby phones breathe under several meters of water pressure.

Another good news is that Liquipel offers a nano coating, which means that the handset will be protect inside and out. You won’t be able to guess the degree of protection your phone was given by merely looking at it, since Liquipel offers a nano coating. This might affect the insurance coverage of the phone, the same source discloses.

The story seems quite plausible, having in mind that you can pay Liquipel around $60 and they can provide your phone a quite reliable waterproof coating, which is a fairly simple operation. The cost per unit would be sensibly reduced when it comes to mass production.

Another fact worth be mentioning here is that this seems to be the kind of thing Apple adores to do. iPhone 3GS’s screen was offered an oleophobic coating about which Apple made a great fuzz. The waterproof coating could be again turned into major selling successes by Apple and Samsung.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a little to see this miracle with our own eyes, considering the fact that Galaxy S III won’t make its apparition this February at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress. Until then, handle your phone with extreme caution when you take it to the toilet with you.


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